Foster emotional well-being through time-honored natural methods.

Our focus is on nurturing inner harmony, allowing us to lead lives filled with grace and compassion, uplifting both ourselves and those around us.

In this community, you will learn and practice natural healing tools such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Additionally, you have the option to receive coaching and energy healing.

Offerings with Love

Sound Healing Retreat in Mt. Shasta

September 12th - 15th, 2024

Immerse yourself in a transformative nature retreat that allow you to reconnect with your true self.


"I love my reiki sessions with Kiyoka. She has beautiful healing energy. I look forward to the gentle, calming influence that Kiyoka has during the session, which affects my energy post-session. Whenever I am going through a rough patch, I call her to do reiki on me.

The effects are truly transformative. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."


"Kiyoka is very knowledgeable of the reiki teachings and an amazing teacher. We worked remotely through zoom yet she was able to work wonders through the screen. I had an immediate release of stress and a deep feeling of relaxation. I felt heat and tingling in my hand and body when Kiyoka showed us techniques that were easy to understand, learn and remember. After the session the release of energy was felt for a long time after. "


"I’ve experienced Kundalini Yoga once in the past and that time I guess I wasn’t ready. I saw a class offering on Meetup at the park so I thought… why not give it another try and that’s how I met Kiyoka, this sweet, beautiful & gentle soul.

She is passionate, kind and very knowledgeable of her practice. I feel great every time I took her class. I release so much emotional blockage in my body and my favorite part is when Kiyoka give Reiki at the end of the class. I walked out in bliss every time."



Founder, Kiyoka Akimoto

Meet Kiyoka, a passionate Japanese yogini and nature enthusiast, calling Northern California home, nestled near the majestic Mt. Shasta.

Her transformative healing journey began at the tender age of 16 when she endured profound grief following the loss of her mother.

Exploring various healing methods, Kiyoka discovered the power of working with the body and harnessing the energy within.

Through dedicated yogic practices, she learned to release stored emotions and unwind the complexities of her inner world.

This journey led her to a profound sense of inner peace, allowing her to embrace life with newfound tranquility.

Now, she serves as a certified yoga teacher and Reiki master/teacher, while delving into the study of Ayurveda.